Celtic Daily Light

Extracts from Ray Simpson's Book

Readings for Monday 1st March 2021

Rain drops caught in plant leaves

David of Wales

The earth shall be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea

Isaiah 11: 9

David the faithful witness of Christ’s new Law
Like a bright star from heaven shines forth in Britain
His illustrious life and teaching adorn Wales
Like the birth of the Forerunner, the Baptist, his birth was divinely foretold.
The future greatness of Christ’s servant is declared by heavenly signs:
Honey, water and mystic deer.
This is the champion of the British, the leader and teacher of the Welsh, Supporting the citizens of God.
Single-hearted he condemns luxury
Spurning the city, he seeks the valley as befits the lowly.
At his birth the people name him ‘Dewi ddyfryr’, which means "Aqua life David’.
He cures the blind, he expels diseases and he drives away the devil.
A doctor of Christ’s Law, he writes a book which God completes.
May David, our leader and strong champion, overcome by his prayers the Goliaths, the giant enemies, of our time.

Adapted from the Ancient Welsh Missal Text about 1440

David and the Christians he enlisted as monks were known as the Watermen:

  • As fish live in water so these folk live in God
  • As birds fly high and care-free so these folk move in God
  • As deer run straight and graceful so these folk run with God
  • As waters flow so clearly so these folk flow with God
  • As fire burns bright and fiercely so these folk blaze for God.
  • Lord, inspired by David and the Watermen
  • help us to live in you as fish live in water
  • help us to move in you as birds fly in air
  • help us to run for you as deer run
  • help us to flow with you as water flows.
  • help us to burn brightly for you as fire burns.
  • and may the fire of faith blaze afresh in Wales
  • and may the fire of faith blaze afresh in us.