Celtic Daily Light

Extracts from Ray Simpson's Book

Readings for Sunday 29th March 2020

Mountain Avens

A view of Christ in the tomb

Joseph took the body down, wrapped it in a linen sheet, and placed it in a tomb which had been dug out of solid rock ...The women who had followed Jesus from Galilee went with Joseph and saw the tomb. ... and went back home and prepared spices and perfumes for the body.

Luke 23: 53, 55, 56

There they lifted Him from his heavy torment;
they took Almighty God away.
The warriors left me standing there, stained with blood;
sorely was I wounded by the sharpness of spear-shafts.
They laid him down, limb-weary;
they stood at the corpse’s head,
they beheld there the Lord of Heaven;
and there he rested for a while, worn out after battle.
And then they began to build a sepulchre;
under his slayer’s eyes, they carved it from the gleaming stone,
and laid therein the Lord of Victories.
Then, sorrowful at dusk
they sang a dirge before they went away, weary
from their glorious Prince.;
he rested in the grave alone.
But we still stood there, weeping blood,
long after the song of the warriors
had soared to heaven.
The corpse grew cold, the fair human house of the soul.

From The Dream of the Rood Trans. Kevin Crossley-Holland

Lord we mourn

  • for a life of such goodness, cut down in its flower
  • for a people who forfeited the flowering of their destiny
  • for a city which turned away from its Saviour
  • for a planet which rejected its Maker
  • for ourselves, who languish, alone and lost.

Lord we offer you

  • like the women who came to your tomb
  • our tears
  • the memories of your life
  • the spices of our faith
  • the ointment of our tenderness
  • the flowers of our personality.